Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean Islands is one of the most remarkable places to visit. Cruising your way to this spectacular destination is a journey of a lifetime, the most ideal place to just relax and unwind (especially from January-June when it’s dry). There’re more than 700 Islands, cays, reefs and Islets in the Caribbean plate. Given that there is just so much to see and so many places to visit, planning is of the essence. The region has an exceptional marine and terrestrial ecosystem that is very diverse. Some Islands are evergreen, with mountains and rain-forests, while others have cactus scrublands and coral beaches.

The Finest Caribbean Cruise Expeditions

Whenever you sign up for a cruise line excursion in the Caribbean, you are automatically destined for great fun. That being said, most excursions are usually pricey especially if you intend to tour as a family. You end up paying extra so that everything is arranged conveniently for you in advance. Below are some useful tips you’ll need when planning your cruise, especially if you need to spend less.

The Most Appealing Ports

Even though you cannot compare Caribbean ports to Mediterranean cruise ports, there are some distinguished ones to choose from. If you want to experience the old-Spanish ambiance there is the Old Havana in Cuba and Old San Juan (Puerto Rico). The cruise terminals of these ports are within walking distance so you can potter around on your own. Another beautiful, scenic port is in St George, Grenada.

Spending time on the Beach

When it’s hot and sunny in the Caribbean, there’s nothing more appealing than heading for the beach. Choose a cruise line that takes you to a strip of sand where you will enjoy a sun bath and relax. On the other hand, there are some Islands like St Lucia where you can just use a public bus since the ships dock near the central bus terminal. There’s also the option of using taxis, which can collect you from the cruise terminal and drive you across the south coast. You’ll probably spend around $25, which isn’t that expensive, plus you’ll come across many decent eateries with cheap food.

Booking Cruise-ship Tours

There are lots of cruise lines that you can choose from. Some of them include shore tours in their fees. The Viking cruises offers one shore tour at each port while the Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers several complimentary tours at every port.


There so much to do in the Caribbean, there’s also a lot of places to go sight seeing. A week’s tour isn’t enough even though it’s worth it. Enjoy snorkeling, zip lining, hiking and many other activities during your tour and always ensure that you use only certified operators.

What you need to know

For safety reasons, leave valuables in your cabin. Use an escorted tour if you can and never exchange a lot of cash, you don’t want to return home with lots of unwanted currency.