Asia Cruise

If you are the kind of tourist who likes to visit places with outstanding landscapes and multicultural cities, then Asia is the place to go. This continent has a rich history and it’s where an action-loving tourist would go. There’s just too much going on for you to simply lay back and enjoy the sun. Take a cruise to Asia today and you will not be disappointed.
You will definitely be charmed by Asian cities such as Hong Kong & Singapore. The temples in Japan and Cambodia are a must visit for anyone who’s visiting. Plus, if you are the adventurous type, touring the rain-forests in Asia will prove to be more than satisfactory. Not to forget the Great Wall of China, and Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay.

The Finest Asian Cruise Expeditions

Tourists who want to visit several Asian countries understand that cruising there is the best alternative. You can decide to take a 2 week cruise, starting from Sri Lanka to Thailand. There’s also a three week cruise that starts off at China all the way to Japan. Any of these cruises will make you want to visit there again and again. A popular voyage is one that starts from Hong-Kong to Singapore.

The Best Time to Travel

When touring Asia it’s best to understand that different Cruise lines have different travelling timelines. Important information worth noting is that the rainy seasons in some Asian countries overlap the cruise timeline. Hence, you can expect some rain during your tour (October-December in Malaysia and December to February in Indonesia). Most cruises take place from December to the end of March.

Booking Cruise-ship Tours

Given that you’ll probably be taking long flights to get to South Asia and the Far East, the budget will be hefty, especially if you are visiting as a family. A lot of money is usually spent on air tickets. In addition, many people tour this region, so it would be best if you booked early when the prices are more appealing. If you have a flexible itinerary you could always go for late offers.

Some of the Best Cruise Lines in Asia

There’re several cruise lines operating here. Most of them have big ships that also cater for the local market. They include;

  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Holland America Line
  • Costa Cruises
  • Star Cruises
  • Cunard Cruises


There are so many ports in Asia and this might pose a challenge if you want to get somewhere in time. Make sure you plan your day-trips in advance and follow the cruise line tours to avoid missing the boats. Apart from visiting the cities you could also go to Borneo, Indonesia to see the orangutans, visit the Andaman and komodo Islands. You can also hop across several Islands from Bali, appreciate the colorful floats as well as the cherry blossoms in Japan, and visit the floating fish farms in Vietnam. There’s just so much to do in Asia you probably won’t have enough time to do everything.